Our App 

At fatherli, we are currently in the process of developing a mobile app that will boost your ability to be the great dad you are capable of being. The app will achieve this in 3 primary ways: 1). It will allow you to connect with like-minded dads in your area. 2). It will suggest an array of fun, unusual and exciting activities to take part in with your children and other families. 3). It will provide intermittent digital coaching that matches your busy lifestyle. 

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Key Features

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1. Digital Coaching and Activity Selection/Recommendation

Coaching supports you to set a goal for yourself as a dad or for your parenting. Experiencing challenges is a big part of the parenting journey and every child brings their own unique needs.  A coach will work with you over the phone to break down a challenge that you face into achievable goals. You will feel positive about your personal circumstances and both supported and in control of any issues that you face.

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2. Match with the Dads Local to your Area

Browse local dads in your area and see the activities their family enjoy. Swipe right and if they have previously swiped right, you can match and message one another to organise a play-date!


3. Matches and

View the dads you have matched with and message them at any time. You can see when dads are online and you can attach images to your messages to make it clear what activity you are suggesting