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Tools for the journey of fatherhood

Fatherli is a global online platform for dads, created with dads.

We provide support through: 

  1. Men's online groups

  2. 1-1 coaching 

  3. A new app to support dads with their parenting and wellbeing. 

About us

Fatherli is a platform support fathers’ with their  wellbeing, happiness and parenting through guidance, communities and coaching. 

Fatherli has been founded by psychologists and is currently developing a new app with dads for dads.  

Note, fatherli is for dads wellbeing and parenting and not a mental health service, if you are in crisis please seek help from a mental health service provider or charity such as CALM or the Samaritans. 


Our Services 

Empowering and connecting dads to thrive

Work 1-1 with a coach

Receive expert and affordable coaching over 2-3 weeks to achieve your specific goals with your parenting, life and relationships. 

Join a men's group 

  • Share questions and thoughts with men like you. 

  • Get support with what you are going through. 

  • Make new friends & contacts

Download our app 

Help us to test our new app for free. 

Our app is currently being tested with dads. 

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Coming soon: The fatherli app

The app is in development! Coming on the App Store and Google Play in February 2023!  

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