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Individual Coaching

Whether you want support, someone to talk to in private, or expert advice, we have a range of coaches and therapists that can guide you through modern life and shine. 

fathers come to get support with break up, dating after divorce, being a better dad,  their emotional wellbeing and achieving their personal goals. 


Our Coaching Specialties

fatherli coaching services in the following areas:

  • Self-care, stress management and wellbeing

  • Effective communication

  • Self worth and self confidence 

  • Leadership in work and fatherhood

  • Building parenting confidence and skills

  • Navigating separation and divorce as a dad 

Our Coaching Approach

"After my break up I was lost. Mia helped me to improve my confidence after a difficult breakup and helped me to go after some personal goals. 
After our session I spent all day reflecting as to what an incredible experience it was, & now looking forward to where my journey takes me. She is easy to talk to and I feel like I have got clarity. Thanks for a wonderful session." 

-Tom, Middlesex 

Eric is a supportive and intelligent coach that has helped me to make sense of some difficult situations at work as well as what I was going through at home. I'm really glad I was coached by Eric as it made it much easier to get through a difficult time. 

-Sal, London 


Meet Your Coaches & therapists 

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