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Individual Coaching

Feeling the juggle of work, family, and self-care?
Fresh from a divorce and looking for a fresh start?
Co-parenting feeling more like co-chaos?
Already a top-tier dad but aiming for the stars?
Tired of tiptoeing around tough talks?

Fatherli offers specialized coaching support for new dads, overwhelmed fathers, and those navigating post-divorce challenges.


Our Coaching Specialties

Dive into a coaching session with stress expert Dr. Mia Eisenstadt and communications expert, Eric Moore.


Mia and Eric offer coaching services in the following areas:

  • Self-care, stress management and wellbeing

  • Effective communication

  • Leadership in work and fatherhood

  • Building parenting confidence and skills

  • Navigating separation and divorce as a dad 

Our Coaching Approach

Meet Dr Mia and Eric, experts fatherhood coaching.

Dr Mia and Eric have brought together insights from the psychology of stress, non-violence communication, parenting science and reflective parenting as well as lived experience to help dads to parent confidently and effectively. These leadership and stress management skills are relevant to navigating family challenges, as well as effective leadership at work. 


 Whether you're navigating the challenges of new fatherhood, co-parenting, or seeking to thrive as a quiet leader in a bustling world, Mia and Eric have got skills to help you succeed, whatever the challenge. 


Feeling unsupported and want new tools and expert-level support that is dad-friendly? Book now. 

Our Approach

Meet Your Coaches

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