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Meet Our Team

fatherli is led by a team who cares passionately about men's mental health and modern fatherhood. 

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Mia Eisenstadt


  • LinkedIn

Mia is one of our Co-Founders here at fatherli. She is a psychologist and entrepreneur, but most importantly she is a mother of a 12-year-old son. Mia’s mission is to support dads with their mental health for the benefit of themselves, their children, and their families.

Sam Talbot


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Sam is one of our Co-Founders here at fatherli. He has a breadth of knowledge from his experiences helping build relatively small-scale companies into industry-leading brands. Throughout that time, Sam has dedicated himself to mastering all aspects of Product & Customer Experience. Sam is also a proud dad of 2 boys , aged 6 months and 3 years old.


Max Clark

UX Designer

  • LinkedIn

Max is our UX designer lead. He is currently working towards an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction at UCL and is an avid tennis player in his free time. He cares about creating user friendly content and wants to help create an accessible space for all dads to access. 

Tina Markandaier

Psych Content Writer and Blogger

  • LinkedIn

Tina is our psych content writer and blogger. She is currently working towards an MSc in Psychological Sciences at UCL and volunteers with a non-profit for autistic children in her spare time. She is passionate about mental health and is excited to bring awareness to dads and other under-supported communities. 

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Mooskan Gul

Social and Community Engagement

  • LinkedIn

Mooskan is responsible for our social and community engagement. She is currently working towards an Bsc in Psychology at UCL. She is enthusiastic about advocating mental health awareness in communities. She is eager to start her new journey in Fatherli and help raise awareness about mental health in dads!

Zishi Li

Design and Illustrator Lead

  • LinkedIn

Zishi is our design and illustrator lead. She is currently working towards an MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at UCL, and she creates original illustrations and music in her spare time. She is passionate about contributing her artistic skills to help propagate mental health support for dads.

Chloe Ho.jpg

Chloe Ho

Content Creator

  • LinkedIn

Chloe is currently working towards a Bachelors in Health Sciences at the University of Connecticut, USA and is in London for a study abroad program for the semester. She is passionate about creating a community and an environment where dads can not only express their struggles but also their accomplishments of fatherhood.

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