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Domain Advisory Board

Here at fatherli, we aspire to deliver our customers with well-informed, up-to-date content about fatherhood. As such, we have an expert Domain Advisory Board consisting of individuals providing expertise in areas such as men's care, men's support, and both children's and father's mental health. 


Karol Marcu 

Commercial Director

  • LinkedIn

Karol is an accomplished commercial director with proven strategic experience in driving business forward and achieving results.
He brings a range of commercial scaling-up skills with strong SAAS experience.

Mustafa Suleyman CBE

Technology and Applied AI Advisor

  • LinkedIn

Mustafa Suleyman is an entrepreneur and a world expert in applied AI. Currently, he is co-founder and CEO of Inflection AI and a venture partner at Greylock Partners. Before founding Inflection AI in 2022, he was a co-founder and Head of Applied AI at DeepMind.

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Professor Anna Tarrant

Fatherhood Research Advisor

  • LinkedIn

Anna is Professor in Sociology at the University of Lincoln. She is also a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow. As a Future Leaders Fellow she is leading a four-year, qualitative longitudinal, participatory study examining the parenting journeys and support needs of young fathers, called Following Young Fathers Further.

Dr Petr Slovak

Parenting Interventions Advisor

  • LinkedIn

Petr’s research involves designing, and evaluating new technology-enabled interventions for youth, targeting core protective factors underpinning personal wellbeing (e.g., emotion regulation and parenting).

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