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Inspiring men and fathers to connect to what matters to them

We are committed to providing men with spaces to talk free from judgment. It can feel good for guys to share what is going on for them. We run a regular group on Wednesday evenings called an Open Circle where men can join to share and be listened to. 

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What's involved in a fatherli Open Circle

Our weekly Men’s Open Circles are not just for fathers, but for anyone who identifies as a man, a son, or a father. 

We offer a safe, professionally run, community program where men can share, learn and grow.

Why join?


  • To become stronger and more resilient, enjoying life more 

  • To turn setbacks and challenges in opportunities 

  • To know yourself better and feel more confident in your relationships 

  • To get support with issues you might be facing 

  • To meet people from around the world. Hear their perspectives and share your own 

  • To make new friends and connections. Be part of a community of men 

  • To get support as a father and meet other dads.


  • Weekly circles are hosted by an experienced men’s work leader, Steve. 
  • Circles run for an hour and a half. Every person has a turn to share. 
  • We bring ourselves and share what is alive for us in the moment.
  • Feedback, encouragement and challenge are offered.
  • We learn and grow by deepening our awareness.

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Steve Savides

Steve is  a Veteran Technologist, Speaker, Poet, Business Leader and Coach.

Steve is an experienced facilitator of men's groups.

Previous Participants Experiences

“It feels really good to be able to talk about how I really am with other guys from all over the world without having to worry that I’m going to bump into them in Sainsburys!”
   - Men’s Open Circle participant


“I like how everyone feels safe to open up so it helped me to share as I’m new to this but the idea of men having a voice is wonderful.”
 - Father of one


"There’s a lot I’m dealing with in my life at the moment but by the end I actually felt better."
- Father of two

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