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fatherli Zoom open circles 

A space for dads  to talk 

We are committed to providing men with spaces to talk free from judgment.  We run a regular group on Tuesday evenings on Zoom called an Open Circle where men can join to share and be listened to. Entry is free. 


What's involved in a fatherli open circle?

Why join?


  • To become stronger and more resilient, enjoying life more 

  • To turn setbacks and challenges in opportunities 

  • To make friends and contacts 


  • Circles run for 90 minutes on Zoom. 
  • Sign up via email. 
  • All sessions are free. 

Steve Savides.jpeg

Circle facilitator:
Steve Savides

Steve has experience in the tech industry. He is a speaker, poet, facilitator and coach.

Steve is an experienced facilitator of men's groups.


“It feels really good to be able to talk about how I really am with other guys from all over the world without having to worry that I’m going to bump into them in Sainsburys!”

   - Men’s Open Circle participant


“I like how everyone feels safe to open up so it helped me to share as I’m new to this but the idea of men having a voice is wonderful.”

 - Father of one


"There’s a lot I’m dealing with in my life at the moment but by the end I actually felt better."

- Father of two

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