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A Dad's Guide to Getting the Most Out of a Family Holiday: Unwind, Connect, and Make Memories!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Holidays are the perfect time to take a break from the daily grind, reconnect with your loved ones, and create lasting memories. As a dad, you play a crucial role in ensuring everyone has a great experience. In this blog, we dive into some friendly tips on how to get the most out of your time and money to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Set a budget, anticipate costs, and stick to them

We are living in expensive times. There are hidden costs in holidays, and you don’t want high prices to ruin your time with your loved ones. Set a manageable budget and anticipate the costs of meals, activities, and transport so you don’t get that sinking feeling (of yet another bill) while you are away, and your time can be stress-free. It’s ok to say no to your children on holiday; try to balance great activities and, at the same time, not break the bank.

Tip: Your concierge is your best friend! Be sure to rely on them for recommendations on low-cost activities everyone will love.

Prioritize fun and be present

As a dad, you may often juggle multiple responsibilities at work and home. Because the world is so hyper-connected, getting caught up and distracted is especially easy. A holiday provides the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries and get time with your loved ones. Make relaxation a priority. Leave work behind, switch off those notifications, and allow yourself to unwind fully and be in the moment. Whether lounging by the pool, indulging in a good book, or taking long walks, savor every moment and allow yourself some well-deserved rest. Resting benefits your immune system and your ability to cope with the setbacks in daily life upon your return.

Tip: Encourage your family to unplug from technology as well. Set aside dedicated tech-free periods where you can focus solely on each other. Engage in meaningful conversations, play games, and create space for genuine connections that go beyond the surface level. These shared experiences will create lifelong memories.

Plan activities for everyone

When planning your holiday itinerary, consider the interests and preferences of each family member. Involve your kids in the decision-making process and let them contribute their ideas. Find activities that cater to different age groups and tastes, ensuring everyone feels included and excited about the adventure ahead. From visiting local attractions to trying out new sports or even taking a cooking class, tailor the activities to suit your family's unique interests.

Don’t be the family photographer all the time

In today's digital age, we often rely on smartphones to capture precious moments. However, photography shouldn’t be the sole focus. While it's great to document your holiday, remember to strike a balance between capturing memories and experiencing them firsthand. Take the time to truly soak in the sights, sounds, and emotions of the moment, and encourage your family to do the same. After all, we create memories through experiences, not just photos.

Embrace spontaneity and adventure

While it's essential to plan, some of the most memorable moments occur when we deviate from the schedule and allow us to be open to new experiences. Follow your family's curiosity, try new cuisines, explore hidden gems, and be open to unexpected opportunities. These spontaneous detours often lead to incredible discoveries and make your holiday remarkable.

Laugh about the mishaps

There will likely be some things on the journey that don’t go according to plan. Use these setbacks as an opportunity to laugh as a family rather than something that disrupts and overtakes the family's mood.

Get some time with just your partner or another adult

“Take time off. The world will not fall apart without you.” - Malebo Sephodi

As you know, children can be very tiring and require significant attention. If you can find an activity to entertain the children or book a hotel babysitter, you can get some precious adult time (with yourself or a friend) or date time with your partner. Even a few hours of having a cocktail as a couple in a week's holiday can make all the difference and nourish your romantic relationship or recharge your batteries.

Final thoughts

As a dad, you can shape your family's holiday experience. Prioritize relaxation, live in the moment, create lasting memories, and foster meaningful connections with your loved ones. Remember, the most important thing is to be present, embrace the moment, and savor the time spent together. So make this a holiday that everyone will remember!

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Setting a budget and prioritizing your vacation, scheduling a variety of activities for everyone in the family, and disconnecting from technology to truly connect can all truly help create memorable moments and strengthen family bonds. It's important to remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones, especially during the holidays. You can also capture such moments on video and make them cooler using It would be amazing.

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