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How to raise loving, courageous, high achieving young boys

Matty Hendriks

I first met my wife at Church one Sunday in Florida. We locked eyes and soon after

she hunted me down! We got married and wanted to create a family. We now have 3 young boys, with our youngest being born in Spring of this year.

At the beginning, I already knew that I wanted to have at least 6 kids and she wanted 3. Fast forward, we are currently at 3 kids and I think she won the battle! We want to try for a baby girl but we might have reached our limit for now at 3, I think. So for now, it's all boys. It feels like we are building a basketball team!

The start of our family

When my wife gave birth to her first child I felt many different emotions. The one that stands out the most would have to be pride. I was extremely proud of my wife and I’m grateful for her. We call her queen of the house and it’s true! 🙏🏽

After our first child was born, the balance of sharing my wife and children came pretty easy to me! At first, babies take priority since they cannot do things for themselves! We built up a system and as time passed and the children became more knowledgeable and capable of doing more things themselves, things got easier. Then, as a couple, we started making more time for one another to make sure we still have a solid spark with one another.

A major part of us actually spending time together was when kids went to sleep! We did what we needed to do to care for ourselves both individually and as a partnership.

Why does family mean so much to me?

For me, the importance of family values came from growing up in a huge family that are and were always in touch with one another! Connections to others have been built within our family from a young age and it’s carried over to adulthood.

My personal upbringing was amazing! Although technically I was raised in “a broken home” (I lived with mom only) my parents both played amazing roles in my life and set great examples for me to follow! They were both definitely positive role models in their own ways!

My dad's role

Growing up, my dad may not have always been there physically in my home but he was always present in my life! He always called and always provided for me. And when we spent time together one-one, he kept to those amazing standards that I hold for myself.

As a father of 3 young boys I believe that it’s my duty to raise courageous, loving, powerful, high achieving young men! Balance is key! I need to be all those things with them and around them for them to be that way as well! Setting a positive example for the boys is key 🙏🏽❤️

Three top tips for raising young boys

1. Love First

Show them that you love them! Kiss them, hug them and play with them! Too many times dads don’t show that type of affection to their boys because society says both men and boys gotta be tough! Boys need love and affection, just as girls do. Love always wins first!

2. Stick to your word, "in the hood and not so good"!

This means set your standards in the home and stick to it where ever you are and whatever situation you are in keep true to your word and commitments.

3. Teach boys things that you were never taught as a kid!

We all know looking back that there are things it would have been good to know growing up. Help them to be better in their lives than you’d ever be🙏🏽

You can find Matty @mattymovement and him and his family @family.movement_

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