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10 Great Kids Days Out in England, recommended by fatherli.

With the summer just getting started, planning fun and engaging activities with kids can be challenging. To make things easier, below team fatherli have compiled 10 fun-filled days out you can do with your child or teenager.

1. Most memorable day out

From making sandcastles to going on rides, beaches have it all! They are great for making long lasting memories and spending time outside. There are numerous beaches in England and so there are a lot of options. We recommend Viking Bay due its picturesque curve, tidal pool and range of children’s rides and surf school. This beautiful curved beach was the holiday destination of choice for Charles Dickens, who even wrote an affectionate piece on the town, Our English Watering Place.

Highlight: Children’s rides and Surf Boarding schools

Price: £-££

Online Discount: No

2. Most underrated day out

Zoos are often underestimated when planning a day out. They are always filled with fun and engaging activities that kids of all ages can enjoy. In particular, we recommend Hamerton zoo in Cambridgeshire! This little known zoo and inexpensive trip has some animals that you won’t see anywhere else, such as maned wolves, an endangered species from South America.

Highlight: Stroll-a-Safari, allows you to get up close and feed animals

Price: £-££

Online Discount: Yes- 20% pre booked tickets for groups.

3. Best indoor day out

Gravity is an indoor arcade suitable for preteens and teens. Places like Gravity are jam packed with activities such as rock climbing and go karting that are great for fun-loving kids and especially those picky teens.

Highlight: Rock climbing

Price: ££-£££

Online Discount: No

4. Best new technology

If you want to experience something new with your kids, Virtual reality arcades are a great new modern day technology experience. VR arcades such as Otherworld are great for those kids who are into technology and gaming. Otherworld hosts various games through their immersive pods in which players can play on their virtual island.

Highlight: VR version of fruit Ninjas

Price: ££-£££

Online Discount: No, but we do recommend booking in advance as the places get filled quickly.

5. Best days out for adventure

If relaxing beach days aren’t for you, thrill-filled theme parks may be the way to go. Legoland is a great example, with 55 attractions for the whole family, from pirate-themed water rides to the Lego Star Wars exhibition. If you can't fit everything in one day, you can stay at the park resort overnight and continue your adventure the next day. Whilst the hotel is not cheap, there is reasonably priced accomodation in the pretty surrounding areas of Windsor from hotels to Air BnBs. Do not miss out on the outdoor theatre production or the 4D show.

Highlight: The Magical Forest Attraction, a giant Lego forest filled with hidden attractions.

Price: £££

Online Discount: Yes, 15 % July discounts

6. Best environmentally conscious day out

The Eden Project in St Austell, Cornwall is home to a wide range of exciting activities to allow you and your kids to immerse yourselves in the wonders of the natural world. Some examples of things you can do are: visit the rainforest biome to explore the rainforests around the world or you can experience the invisible worlds exhibition to uncover all of the invisible life forms that only a few people are aware of. Don’t forget to book in advance.

Highlight: Invisible Exhibition

Price: ££-£££

Online Discount: Yes, July discounts

7. Best historical day out

Why not deep dive into the rich history of England? The JORVIK Viking centre is based in York. Jorvik is the name of 10th century Viking settlement in the same place as York. In the 1970s, an archaeological dig uncovered a treasure trove of Viking archaeological finds beneath the city streets. This must see museum in York houses lifelike mannequins and historically accurate Vikings as well as thrill-filled rides!

Highlight: Gladiators Exhibition

Price: ££

Online Discount: Yes.

8. Best day out for young kids

Need something that will engage the little ones? Well, you can't go wrong with Peppa Pig world. This entertaining park in Hampshire is great for a short summer getaway and great for making long-lasting memories with the little ones.

Highlight: Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride

Price: £££

Online Discount: Yes, 18% July discounts.

9. Best day out for teenagers

Although Peppa Pig World may not be for your teens, other theme parks such as Alton Towers are great for those hard to please, thrill-seeking teens. Spend your day (or days) with electrifying rides that the whole family can enjoy.

Highlight: The Wicker Man ride

Price: ££-£££

Online Discount: Yes, prebook for discounts.

10. Best relaxing day out

If you want a more relaxing experience, why not try watching a musical. Matilda is a musical version of the classic Roald Dahl story of an extraordinary little girl, who dares to govern her own fate using her inventive mind and love of reading. With original songs by Tim Minchin, the musical has enchanted 10 million people worldwide.

Highlight: Matilda at Cambridge Theatre

Price:££- £££

Online Discount: Yes, prebook for discounts.

We hope this helps you discover some fun activities to do with your children. If your family have recently been on a fun day out in England, then feel free to get in touch as it may make its way onto this list!

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