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 Videos about fatherli and featuring key topics in fathers’ parenting, mental health and wellbeing. 

Dads from team fatherli share why fathers’ mental health matters in this short, poignant video:

Incredible Interview: Dr Mia Unearths Jacob Kelly's Remarkable Journey of Postnatal Depression and Fatherhood with ADHD:

In this video, Nick from ReTribe talks to Dr Mia about the fatherli app and they explore what it means to be a stepdad and Nicks unique story of how they introduced Nick to his partner's children in a child-centred manner.

In this video, Patrick Martin from the Mental Health Tool box interviews Dr Mia Eisenstadt who explains why involved and present fathers can make a major impact on children’s mental health and reduces the risk of behavioural difficulties and other outcomes.

In this video Mac McGregor and Dr Mia explore masculinity and how traditional masculinity ideas can be a barrier to men’s wellbeing and positive mental health.

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