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Top 10 divorce and separation books to help dads bounce back after a tough split

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Splitting up with your partner is difficult enough, but adding children to the mix can be complicated. It may be difficult to know what is the best thing for them as the family changes in structure and routine. There are many things to consider: where to live, childcare arrangements, and adjusting to a new life as a solo parent.

Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to assist single dads during this difficult time. Here, team fatherli have spotlighted 10 excellent and informative divorce and separation books which are the best in their respective categories.

1. Best overall divorce and separation book:

"How to Be a Good Divorced Dad Being the Best Parent You Can Be Before, During, and After the Break-Up" by Jeffery Leving. This book is an all-in-one book which guides dads through all the stages of divorce and is filled with useful advice on how to overcome each stage, such as how to deal with poor mental health, guidance for relationship with your ex-wife and how to move on to find new romantic relationships.

2. Best user-friendly guide:

“The World's Best Dad During and After Divorce" by Paul Mandelstein keeps it simple with both practical advice as well as sample exercises for dads. For example, how to discuss challenging conversations with children, all in an easy to read bullet-point format.

3. Best for dads who want real and honest advice:

"The invisible parent" by Anonymous and Andrew Keith Walker deals with difficult topics such as parental alienation (when the child no longer maintains a relationship with one of the parents). The author expresses his struggles with separation and highlights the failures in the UK legal system in supporting separated dads.

4. Best for dads looking for financial advice:

"The Divorced Dad's Handbook" by Steve Davies tackles all the tough areas that separated dads have to go through, including financial responsibilities and provides useful contacts for dads to use if they need additional help. This is a really tricky time for parents financially and getting on top of your finances early can help make a tricky stage easier.

5. Best for dads looking to manage their mental health

"DIVORCE: The Modern Man's Guide" by Fidel Beauhill busts the common misconception that men do not have to deal with emotional and mental turmoil. This book talks dads through the emotional changes that take place during and after divorce and provides facts and tips about how to deal with changes, such as grief and new routines.

6. Best for dads focused on children’s wellbeing

“The Guide for Separated Parents: Putting Children First Paperback”, by Karen and Nick Woodall is filled with helpful strategies such as, how to resolve conflict peacefully with your ex partner, parenting arrangements which support children, and scripted discussions to enable effective communication with children.

7. Best for dads looking for legal advice

"I Want to See My Kids: A Guide for Dads Who Want Contact with Their Children After Separation" by Tina Rayburn and Timothy Forder presents a collection of heart-wrenching stories from dads who had negative experiences with the legal system in the UK and offers advice to dads on how to overcome these challenges.

8. Best divorce guide for Dads who are nervous about the process

"Divorced Dad's Survival Book: How To Stay Connected With Your Kids" by David Knox with Kermit Leggett. This book provides insightful advice, such as how to maintain strong bonds with your child, to help dads who are struggling with getting through each stage of the divorce and need some comprehensive, easy to follow guide.

9. Best for dads looking to move forward with their lives after divorce

"Fathers After Divorce: Building a new life and becoming a successful parent" by Michael Green. This book is great for dads who want guidance on how to successfully parent after the divorce as well as how to better manage the relationship with their ex-wife.

10. Fatherli favourite

“Healthy Children of Divorce in 10 Simple Steps: Minimize the Effects of Divorce on Your Children” by Shannon Rios Paulsen. Divorce can be damaging to children but it’s possible to lessen some of the harmful effects. This book covers clear guidance of how to protect your children from the trauma of divorce by recommending easy to follow steps to allow you to make the best choices for your child.

There are many books and other forms of support available to help all types of solo dads get through these difficult times. Have you read any of them? If so, what did you think about them?

To talk to a fatherli coach about your divorce or separation, or stay up-to-date with all our blogs and to receive exclusive additional support, signup to fatherli today.

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