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Top 10 Picks of Pregnancy and birth books for Dads

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

As a new parent, there are countless books on fatherhood and parenting, making it difficult to know which one is best for you. So, whether you're looking for a book for yourself or a gift for an expectant dad you know, here's a list of top pregnancy and early years books tailored for dads to get you started on the journey of fatherhood.

1. Dad's top pick:

“You're Going To Be A Dad!: The New Dad's Guide To Pregnancy and The First Year of Fatherhood” by Daddilife Books. This book stands out as an amazon best seller with more than three hundred reviews! This guide helps dads-to-be through all the important milestones in early fatherhood, such as information about early pregnancy scans, what to know about labour and delivery and much more.

2. Most Unique

“Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 Months” by Neil Sinclair. This book is filled with amusing army metaphors and is definitely a must for every new dad’s survival kits. Some topics this books address are how to survive the first 24 hours after birth, first aid tips and establishing feeding and sleep routines. (4.2/5)

3. Most Entertaining

“Dad FC | Debut Dads: The First Season of Fatherhood: A Parenting Book for Dads” by Alex Gross. This book is a popular favourite among dads and is approved by healthcare professionals. The light-hearted book is packed with funny football metaphors as well as crucial information that will help train dads for their match against pregnancy and labour! Warning, if you are not a football fan, this may not be for you.

4. Best Myth Busting Book

“The Pregnancy Guide for Men: The Indispensable Guide for New Fathers to be Ready to Effectively Face the Whole Emotional Process of the Birth of Their First Child” by James Parker. This guide tackles common myths about pregnancy, such as the myths surrounding the role of males during pregnancy along with other misconceptions about fatherhood.

5. Best self-care book

“New Dad Playbook to Win at Parenting: What to expect and how to prepare, from Conception to Six Months” by Ryan Martin. This book gives dads indispensable self care tips such as how to get enough sleep and safeguard your wellbeing in the early years and prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster of parenting.

6. Best Dad Hacks

“NEW DAD HACKS: A Modern 4 Step Pregnancy Guide For First Time Dads, Use These Shortcuts to Help You Feel Prepared and Transition Into Fatherhood” by William Harding. This book gives readers quick and effective hacks, such as how to manage your finances and why as a dad you should start cooking if you are not a dab hand in the kitchen already! Great for dads who need quick answers to their problems.

7. Best User Guide

Pregnancy Guide for Men: How to Be the Best Partner and Father From Conception to Birth and Beyond: Plus 10 Life Hacks for New Dads” by New Dad Support has easy to digest information from pregnancy, childbirth to early years. A new child is a major change for you as a dad, and also as a couple, this book provides guidance to support your partner and strengthen your relationship.

8. Best Twins Guide

We can't forget the dads who have twins! A Dad's Guide to Newborn Twins: Unleash Your Inner Super Dad” by Meghan Hertzfeldt and Jennifer Bonicelli is a must have for all dads who are expecting not one but TWO babies. This book discusses topics such as birth complications, sleep and schedule and how to care for your partner when parenting twins.

9. Best non guide guide

“Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood” by Micheal Lewis is great for dads-to-be who don't want tips and hacks but want honest and real advice about fatherhood. Micheal Lewis discusses his struggles with fatherhood and recounts his everyday life as an experienced dad of three.

10. Our fatherli favourite

Last but not least, Elliott Rae’s book, "DAD: Untold stories of Fatherhood, Love, Mental Health and Masculinity” published last year is our current favourite. We love this book due to the fact that it covers powerful and lesser discussed stories of fatherhood such as becoming a dad during the pandemic, miscarriage, co-parenting, gay fatherhood and surrogacy, being a single dad and many more. Elliott tells the stories of real dads.


We hope this helps narrow down the search for the right pregnancy and early years books for you! Let us know if we’ve missed any out or your personal favourite books and why.

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